Anger and Rage

Its typical for us to get irritated and annoyed at stuff, and its also normal for us to Anger because its human nature. Anger is mostly caused by people because some people do some stupid and nonsense stuff. Anger is more internal than external, its literally ur mind reacting to what is happening and what ur thinking of and yea it does irritate you if you let that anger settle. As all things there us a cause and a effect and in most cases when your really angry you tend to tell it how it is without giving a damn who likes it or not, but there is the peaceful way which is talking it out and being really calm. Especially when it comes to stuttering, you either gear the person being stuck on a word or they speak really fluently, their is no middle part when anger and stuttering mix together. Also it can very emotional especially to a person who is very quiet and calm. Anger is a state of a feeling and it is not a personality trait which stays with you. Remeber life isn’t hard, its just the choices you make that could make ur life simple or complicated

Looks may be Deceiving

Looks may be Decieving

In my history class which I explained in this post, I’ve befriended a guy who both of us share something in common, blindness.

We were discussing the test that we took on Thursday yesterday and what we got respectively, then he told me something that fascinated me. He’s a numbers guy and really loves math. At the mention of this I threw out some battlefield statistics of the Battle of Chickamauga since that’s what we were discussing in class, with a snap of a finger he responded with the percentages for dead wounded and captured. I was astonished at his ability to do that that fast! He told me after class that, “Most people find it weird that a blind guy really enjoys math, but I enjoy it and that’s what really matters.”

Today after class he made a bold move, to ask a girl out that he really likes in our class. His major worry was that she wouldn’t like him because he’s completely blind, I assured him that it doesn’t matter how well you see its about if they can see past that. So he prepped himself and walked her over to a more private area, asked, and came smiling back to me exclaiming, “She said yes!” at least ten times in pure jubilation. After giving him a congratulatory hug, I teared up a bit.

We should all remember this as we interact with each other. Don’t judge a book by its cover, or more importantly, looks may be deceiving.

– James


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I am taking a psychology class on personality and so far it is pretty good. The instructor is honest and he tells it how it is. Personality comes in all kinds of ways and behind personalitys is the disorders. Just like everything in this world, if ur attached to somthing on a unhealthy level it can ruin you. Personalitys are from with in and takes a person with alot of skill of observation and behavioral analysis to know how you are. Now im not going to give a speech about personalitys but im just trying to say that this proves the point that everyone is special in there own way and no one is above each other. This can be argued but here is one question: is anyone truly perfect? As always stay FABULOUS and stay awesome!!!!!

A New Perspective of Myself

A New Perspective of Myself
Photo Credit: bobbooks

Hello everyone, for this quarter of college I’m taking classes that aren’t as taxing as my math and science courses were. Yep you guessed it, low-key courses.

My courses include, American Civil War history (easy for me!), Microsoft Excel, and Sociology of the Family (very interesting!). Allow me to explain my thoughts and experiences briefly after my first week.

For my American Civil War class it’s a history buff’s paradise, plus I already know the pre, during, and post war elements that we will be discussing. Not to brag but my history professor said, “James, you already know this stuff don’t you”? Smiling, “Of course, it’s my favorite period and era in America”! Which makes it more easier for me to answer questions when they are asked since I already know the era and what happens when.

Microsoft Excel is an interesting class for me as there’s no real tests’ or quiz’s, just input and save basically. What I really like about the class is everyone is about at the same level computer skill wise, which is perfectly fine with me. However, as everyone was introducing their names and intended major’s/programs on the first day of class, me and another guy from UW were the only majors who weren’t accounting or marketing based. Especially when I said my intended major is Sociology she gave me the “huh”? look and asked, “transfer right”? I nodded my head. So far the class is going alright, just quite a bit of work to manage although I have high hopes I’ll manage.

I’ve always enjoyed sociology and psychology classes, and this one really interests me. For starters it’s about the inner workings of a family structure, also it deals with understanding relationships and intimacy. Listening to the experiences of my classmates in regards to previous relationships I discovered that they were parallel to my own. Yesterday I grew the courage to share one of my personal stories with the class, of course omitting names and so forth. Afterwards when I was leaving the classroom I couldn’t help feeling a weight being lifted from my shoulders, as if that experience was now gone, leaving me with a new perspective of myself. The perspective of confidence.

– James

Down Time

We all have those moments when u feel like things are going south or that everyone or one specific person dosen’t  like being around you, but real qustion is if its true? 99 percent of the time its a lie because ur mind is playing tricks with you. The more you meditate or think about somthing you will believe it and it will control your life especially ifv its somthing bad or terrible. Are minds are more powerful than we think they are, but as all things in life you have a choice to believe in that. There isn’t a cure for people who are depressed or basically for sadness becauseb its human nature but there is always somthing positive out there, and i mean always, you just gotta get out of the state you are. The world is a dark place but there is light in the right places. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Stuttering in Public

My grandma showed me a video on a show called “America Hot Talent” and there was this guy called Drew Lynch who is a comedian, but the catch is that he stutters. He was still funny and he was ashamed or scared of being on live TV Stuttering. He is a inspiration because Im sure he knows that people criticize and laugh at people with speech implements, but he still went up there and made those funny jokes knowing that he was going to stutter and not caring of being embarrassed because he was being himself.

His stuttering actually started by him having a concussion after a accident and from there he has stuttered. I think this shows that anything can happen to you and your not above anyone else because were all in the same boat. We all have flaws but that is what makes us of who we are. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Drivers License Test (passed it)


Today I took an hour practice before my driving test. Suffice it to say I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night, as I kept tossing and turning unsure of my result in the following morning. Morning came I tried to calm myself down by doing some deep breathing exercises, but it didn’t help. I was eating my Belvita, drinking my tea locked into my test. Then I got in the car and went with my Mom to the driving school, since I was too nervous to drive there.


The start of the practice test was pretty relaxed, and I was turning perfectly. The major problem I have is with depth perception, which means backing around the corner and parallel parking. Thus brings me to my practice run of both of those obstacles and the result, to my disbelief was pretty dang good!


Now comes the fun part, the actual test. I’ll admit I was at this point nervous as all hell. I went to the bathroom before I went out to the driving instructor’s car, and proceeded to tell myself, “You will get your license no ifs ands or buts, got it? Good”. As I sat in the car I kept replaying the episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants and how he never passes his driving test, not really a good analogy however it got me thinking if SpongeBob can succeed then so can I! There I was doing my utmost best and trying my hardest to pass, and by the stroke of luck I PASSED MY DRIVERS TEST. Even now reflecting back to earlier today, I’m not only proud of myself but I’m glad my sister watches SpongeBob in the mornings.


– James

Taking Chances

Living life like ur in a vault is pretty nice, but can be boring. There is no discovery or curiosity because ur staying within ur comfort. Being comftorable is fine but growing and experiencing new stuff is better because that is what makes you into a better person. This can go for alot of things in life, eslocally if ur going through a rough time but there is always light on the other side, you just got to fight through it like a soldier. You may lose in from a other people perspective but you are a winner because you passed the trial and its time to move on. Some can say that this is all a lie but i just say live your life but live it the right way and put effort into it. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Taking a Step

Photo Credit: Eric Copeland

Taking a step

One foot in front of the other

Right and left


Left and right

Just remember its going to be alright

The sun may shine on you

Making your day bright

The clouds may surround you from all sides

Making you feel demoralized

But have faith

We were meant to walk

Don’t always think about the past

Rather look at the present

Then gaze into the future

Walking isn’t so bad

You can start slow

Then gradually increase

Now you’re walking faster

Now the past is struggling to catch up

Don’t look back

Keep moving forward

The future will work out in time

Just be you

Just take that first step.


Laidback Youth

Most people today ate kind of up tight and a little to annoying with the things that are going around the world. There is a small amount people in the world who just take life as it is and just adept to it instead of those who try to ignore or fight against it. Now there is no problem fighting for what you want but you gotta have to chose your battles because nobody likes a idiot who likes to start stuff. Its a little hard of choosing to know what is the right way and wrong way because the outcomes can be good if you choose the wrong way or bad if you choose the right way. Worrying about it wont help because there are so many moments in life that it is so ridiculous. Just take life one step at a time because yes the good guy always finishes last but he has also lived a awesome carefree life filled with love, family, friends, and the list counties. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!