Ambition isn’t seen that much because of are society and the peer pressure. My Teacher taught me 2 days ago to be the the sore thumb in the group. To be the that one person who thinks ou outside the box and the one who doesn’t take the same old approach to things in life. She was expressing to us that following and obeying what people though of you or what they say about you 24/7 is a road to depression because you are not thinking for self your letting others think for you. Society does try to bring us down to what’s hip and cool. The awesome thing about that is that there are some people who reject that and find that ridiculous. These people are usually called the outcast but there no different from me and you. That just have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

During are time we see that alot more and frequent. Not all of it is good but its progress. We are not machines, we can make are selves do what we want without being given a order or command. Being human is about being you and bettering yourselves. Its good to have those role models but more importantly you need to have that faith with in you. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!

Zombie Hunt: The Rise of the Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse Squad

Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse

Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse

On Saturday me, Clonejill, Thanetos, and my dad went to this laser tag event center called Virtual Sports.

The first time I heard about this place was when a friend of mine posted on Facebook, “Scared the s*it out of some noobs, man it’s GREAT being a zombie! Plus I got paid!” I asked him in a Facebook message, “Where were you a zombie at man?” He replied, “Virtual Sports, look it up the place is dope!”

However my brain got distracted (as it often does) on another project, which was most likely either homework or Xbox. The next day I picked up the school newspaper as it was close to Halloween, and there on the front page reads, “ZOMBIE WARS: Fight to Save Seattle” after reading the article there was mention of COD Tactical Battles i.e. (team death match). I immediately showed it to my parents and my Dad got a coupon for me and three guests (two since my Dad was going), to do the once a month Zombie Hunt.

I gathered my squad and we went on our way there, where I had my mini camcorder (which I forgot to charge) ready to record us screaming like school girls…err I mean kicking zombie butt of course!

Our first decision was creating our accounts and deciding on a team name which if we come back there we can use during the tactical battles as well. As we were umming and ahhing, Clonejill picked the name of the fearsome four who will save the Starbucks and Top Pot donuts from the flesh-eating zombies. We were known from that moment forwards as, “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” our slogan was, “Get horned.”

We fueled up on sugary pop, since we aren’t old enough to consume adult beverages that were at the bar. As we waited preparing ourselves mentally and physically, letting the testosterone build all while talking smack to get each other revved up. We kept hearing gunfire followed by screams and shouts heard in “Downtown Seattle” we all looked at each other like what have we gotten ourselves into?

Our number was called after we waited for what seemed like forever, we went into the “Alpha” room and met with the commander as he debriefed us on gun-safety, rules, and the golden rule “walk through and enjoy the experience”. After the briefing we head out the door into the armory to get our weapons and armor, which were all replicas of the same used by the US military. The staff sergeant yells, “Let’s move boys, get in the fight!” We check our weapons and move out one by one down the corridor, into the hot zone.

Zombies Attack!

Zombies Attack!

CloneJill and Thanetos stack up by the far wall as me and my Dad bring up the rear, then the zombie pops out and we immediately shoot lead “lasers” at the horrifying thing. The first taste of sweet victory coursed through us and we went off picking up the pace, turning into soldiers as we checked our corners for more flesh eaters. Zombies popped out of the shadows and windows scaring the poop out of us, we started to become separated as we moved forward. Now I realize that this occurrence foreshadowed the events to follow.

Gliding through the maze getting more and more on edge as we all became agitated, little did we know my Dad was actually doing the golden rule and was taking his time. We sweep through the last turn as we see the exit sign and freedom, then the horde came.

Clonejill comes running like a maniac bumping into me and Thanetos, unknown to us, he left my dad to be eaten by the zombies as they were surrounded. As the horde descended upon me and Thanetos we had no choice but to shoot every last bullet in them, all the while moving back to where my Dad was barely saving him from the ravenous beasts. Catching our breath as we exited the maze we take a group picture, forever remembering the events that we experienced. We went out to eat after we took our gear off and handed our guns back, we aren’t a usually talkative bunch but we were gagging away as we munched on burgers and fries.

When I got home I went to check my camera, turns out it died a few seconds into the battle. I was disappointed at first, then my Mom said, “It’s not about the videos that you make, it’s about the experiences you create and the memories with your friends and family”. Those wise words spoke truth, it didn’t matter that my camera died, I still had an awesome time! I did have a few stuttering episodes, but I didn’t allow it to ruin my evening. Team Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse survived the zombies, now we’ll see how we are in tactical against real players.


– James

Catching The Moment

This week has been a little but ot was cool at the same time. My psychology teacher was like Master Yoda and gave us some wise words to remeber and use when we take test or just do stuff in our daily lifes. Also I went zombie hunting with few guys and it was intense but it tested are true ability for teamwork. Although we had a couple hickups in our formation we stilled survived with a impressive record. Also my stuttering was gone the whole time because I was so afraid and focused and that felt good. To finally have a break from stuttering and to realize what actually causes me to stutter. It was a intense day but we had fun and we might do it again which would be awesome. Also i have a few post about the Seventh Lion which is going to be awesome and to spread the word about stuttering because believe or not, a lot of people still have no knowledge of stuttering so we need to inform them. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Word Around Town


So i guess are blog is getting noticed which i have to say is honestly surprising cause me and my amigo just did this to help those or encourage but people want to help spread the word which i think is awesome and amazing. Im happy to be apart of this group to be able to spread the word. Its actually fun to share your experince with others or inform others about stuttering and how it affects us on a daily basis but to also spread that this is not thr end but the beginning of somthing new. Its not about the destination but its about the journey and i dont know how far this blog will go but im pretty sure the whole world will know about us. Opportunity are all around us but its about being patient and cautious of what we or you will do and if it will affect the people around you because believe it or not, everyone is connected to someone in a way. It just takes that somebody to step up to take that action. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

Word Gets Around


I just got a request to post an academic article on our site. Here’s the email I received;

Hello Admin,

I am Jill Saunders with the Utah State University Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education department. I noticed that you allow guest blogging on your site and am interested in sending you an article about how stuttering affects academic education. Would you be interested in posting an article about that? Let me know and I will send it to you.

Looking forward to your reply,
Jill Saunders
Utah State University Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education 
 To say I was astonished is an understatement! I was literally saying to myself, “No this isn’t real, it’s a spammer” boy was I wrong on that it was legit! I know this post isn’t as long as my usual ones’ are. I’m just shocked that this blog was able to get the attention of a university, especially the department. Now this is a pretty freaking cool Thursday :)
– James

Faith or Evidents

Faith or Evidence

The title might be a little too strong but its a choice we have on a daily basis. Evident are the hardcore facts of life which tell you truth, if you like it or not. Faith is all about you. Its topic weather you trust yourself than trusting someone else. Faith isn’t brought up alot because we have consequences which dictate weather your actions were good or bad and what is the effect its going to have on the world or the people around you, but it gives a opportunity to let people in and people who u trust alot give u alot of respect because you dont let the world govern your life. But again it all depends on your choice and what you do with that and that my friend is the power of Free Will and yes will be making mistakes along the way but that’s the fun part of growing, also evidents kind of work with faith so it all depends og how u look at it too, as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!

New Referee Toy

Microsoft BandOn Saturday I had a soccer match where I debuted my new signing, the Microsoft Band. This was the very first time I was actually using the Run feature, but didn’t know you must have your Microsoft phone “On” in order for the GPS to be located. Least I know now for my next game. The weather in Washington is bipolar for lack of a better word, it was sunny in the morning, then the sun turned into clouds, which turned into rain, then back to clouds, and rain…it was very indecisive weather let me tell you. Since I’ve now brought you up to speed on Washington’s wacky weather, let’s get back to football!

Being the Center Referee means you carry the whole game on your shoulders. You are in charge of disciplinary action, making sure your AR’s are safe, and above all making sure the Laws of the Game are followed to the letter. Game wise it was U-11 boys so no real craziness but quite a few signs from various players of true potential for the future. Will they go pro? We’ll see. Now, my AR called a very good offsides call, and this soccer mom literally lost it. She’s marching up to my AR and I give her the classic “Stink-eye”, she went back to where she was standing, and I gave a fist bump and I pat on the back to my AR. The conclusion of the match was no fouls called (first time ever!), and a 9-0 victory, and at least 20 different weather systems thanks to living in Washington.

I was able to record my results from my match in the pictures below:

Splits on Microsoft Band Data from first run with Microsoft Band

– James

Tomorrows Always A New Day

I am starting to not to worry about the small stuff because i know its like a Tick on my shoulder. If you take the moment to think of somthing that makes u feel super comftorable then you will notice the difference of how you feel. Also your confidence will be higher, and you might have a different outlook on the world. This is different for everyone and I wont lie to you because telling the truth is easier and the best medicine to get somthing off your mind. Me as stutter i believe that one day I will overcome my stuttering and i can be more of a mentor to others who have stuttering or any other speech impenement, but it all starts with me and me overcoming. Everyone has there special talent or gift and they can be mentors or contribute to help others because we all need someon err to have are back. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Back to School

Back to School

Spring Break is over

It’s that time again

Time to go back to that place

Where all students dread

Yes I’m talking about school

However it’s not so bad

You get to learn new things

See your friends

And do homework

Back to the daily grind

Chugging coffee daily

Disintegrating our pencils into stubs

But even this is rewarding

Because when all is said and done

You get to smile at what you will become

– James

Where have you been James?

I thought the title would suit the nature of this post. Yes, I’ve been absent from this blog for quite sometime. Last week I had finals so that ate up most of my time and caused my stuttering to go from manageable, to down right frustrating. I’ve also been dealing with my sister C being in the hospital the week before finals till today, where she will be released later this afternoon which is wonderful news! I know I shouldn’t allow my stutter and anxiety to control me, which is where my friends have been helping me. Whether it’s allowing me to vent or just taking my mind off it completely by having our rambling moments, I always feel better after busting out laughing. I guess they were right, laughter truly is the best medicine.

On another note, its #NationalPuppyDay so all you dog owners out their snap pictures of your babies and upload them onto social media! :)

– James