Seventh Lion (Morale)

Seventh Lion Clan

Seventh Lion Clan

So the Seventh Lion is a group of people who are leaders, and not just any kind of leaders but inspirational leaders. They stand for good and never leave anyone behind or judge of who they are as a person. There might be all types of groups out there but the one thing that separates the seventh lion crew from them is Honesty. Honesty creates trust and that is hard to find now in days but we always need that person to have are back, even at are worst times in life, its goid to have that person there to pick you up on your feet and encourage you to keep on going. We sometimes get caught up in yhe world of “Whats new and cool” or “insecuritys”. The Seventh Lion is a reminder to let us know that we are all unique in are very own different ways and we shouldn’t let people dictate that. The Seventh Lion crew us a prime example of getting the best people who are the underdogs in are today’s society. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

An AR’s Worst Enemy: The Parents

mad soccer parent

Last Saturday I got back into refereeing Youth Soccer (football), and I thought it would be pretty easy since I was the linesman and not the Center Referee. Little did I know that all three games were for an ongoing tournament and for points. Well that realization hit me in my first game. In the form of one very angry parent. 50 yards running back and forth doesn’t seem too taxing, but when you haven’t worked out in a long time your legs feel like jelly. First half went easy however with the visitors losing, their parents weren’t too happy with my offside calls, so much so they let their opinions be heard.


Mad parent number one started huffing and puffing, literally. Then Angry Parent got fed up and said, “Bah stupid AR” I ignored him as were trained to. Then he took it a step too far. Angry Parent proclaimed, “Gringo’s don’t know how to ref!” I whipped around and moved my hand in a downward motion and sternly responded staring in his eyes, “Sir, either remove yourself away from this game, or I will have you escorted” Thankfully he choose the latter :)

Second game was a snap nothing to report really nice kids, coaches, and parents.

Messi and Ronaldo

Third game was like Barclays Premier League status. These kids were flying around like mini-Messi’s and Ronaldo’s. My legs felt like they were going to collapse or just rip off. Then it happened. Defender pulls the shorts of the attacking player with the ball and trips him sending him sprawling in the penalty box. I signal the call and look to my Center for confirmation, he nods and points to the spot. The uproar was like being a told Trafford during a Manchester United vs Chelsea match. I wasn’t fazed though, because its my job to make the tough calls.

– James

The Green Monster

Green Moster

We all know that the green monster is usually a meaning for jealously. Its like a virus that comes from anywhere. Its a poison to society but again its a wake up call for those who want to move on. Also jealously can be used in many ways but the real challenge is passing through your anger and just wait for your greatest moments and the jealously will be thrown out of the window. Me as someone who stutters do sometimes gets jealous of people who talk fluently because u wish I can talk like that but i block that because i know someday i will talk fluently, so why care what someone else does? Its a principle in life that gets overlooked alot cause of the environment or the people we hang around, but again were humans so making mistakes is normal but the best thinking that comes from it is from us learning from it. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Mistakes and The Past

Mistakes are very common and we do them so much to the point that we dont realize them. Its also easy ro let these mistakes haunt us and let them dictate  of how we live on a normal bases. The past works in a similar way because most dont know or recognize of what they do in the present is actually controlled by what they did in the past. This needs to stop because we shouldn’t act like the past controls. Yea it happen but its time to move on because that is how life works. Some people stay and some go. We can try to fight it but its best to let it go. Tge good thing about the past isc that it teaches us of what we dud and how we cannot do that in the future but it is also hard to perdict the future because each day is a new and we should treat it like that. Let all your worry and sadness be for today but dont carry them on to tomorrow. Im not that person who has experinced everything in life but i see it and i watch it, and the world is fascinating but it us also cruel but its those few who are strong that can overlook look it and be on there best everyday without being told how to feel or what to be. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shyness and Awkwardness

Hi everyone hope you’ve been doing well, and your Valentine’s Day was awesome! We Seattlities aren’t used to the glowing orb in the sky, so turning to stone is a high probability. Seattle pandemic aside (haha) I’ve noticed I’ve been having moments of shyness and extraversion. For example, in my Math class our teacher was talking about the American Civil War and I blurted out, “1861-1865 Northern for Southern families pitted against each other in all out warfare, many lost their lives and their stories have been told while others silenced. I’m a reenactor and reenactors are cool.” Then someone in the back said, “This guy is dopetastic” I replied, “Thank you I’m a history buff”.

The moments of awkwardness I’m still trying to work through. For example, when my Mom and sister C went to my highschool to watch a fundraiser show called, “Dance for Heart” that benefited Heart Disease awareness. My sports medicine teacher Mrs. W who’s really cool, was there and at the end of the show my Mom said I should go say hi to her. Now I’ve never been good with these situations, it’s not even a fear of stuttering its more it just feels weird. That probably didn’t makes sense but we’ll role with it. So me and C went up to the stage towards Mrs. W but she was like all over the place going this was and that.

C is more of an extrovert then me so she went on her mission, while I stood there awkwardly like umm what should I do? After regrouping with my Mom she told me, “James you just have to go for it like C” then C said, “Ya James like me!” So there we go with C in the lead and we got Mrs. W’s attention and she gave us a hug. After saying hi to a few of C’s friends, we then proceeded to our car on our way home. An awkward moment for me, where my sister C lead the way into battle, yet again. Maybe I could learn a few things from my sister, well hopefully.

– James

Letting Go

Letting people go or forgetting about them is one of the most hardest things to do in life. Choosing of who you should be around and who you should stay away. Sometimes its obvious because you see the red flags of why this person isn’t right for you and at other times, it is very hard to see or is very deceiving. Its a choice that is forced upon us whether we like it or not and that choice cares weight. This makes us think too much or try to foresee the future but in reality no one can’t predict the future. Each day is a new beginning. Worrying more about the future than the present is a good way to make you confused or paranoid. Leaving people might be the only choice in certain situations but if that person is really close to you, then you will see them again and on better cercamstancies to. Its a win win situation but it comes down to timing and being patient. I have experinced this but i have faith that we will meet up later but i just got to be living my life and to better myself as a person. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! And always remeber to stay true to yourself.

Super Bowl Sunday

Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX

Today is Super Bowl Sunday where the Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots. Considering the whole fiasco with the Patriots #deflategate scandal, hopefully the game will be played fairly and without a lot of controversy. Sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do, I’ve been dealing with a nasty cold bug that refuses to leave the recesses of my lungs. On a side note, I recently finished the book that I’ve been reading for about six months. I hope everyone is enjoying there Sunday and I wanted to ask, who are you rooting for to win the Super bowl and why? I’m rooting for Seahawks because one Beast Mode and his magical bag of Skittles, and two I live in Washington so GO HAWKS! :) – James


So this whole week was a little crazy because of people and school but I cane out of it as a stronger man. I realized that some people live in there own world or live for the attention of others. Sometimes I see a cute girl but she is very materialistic and rude and I think: “I wonder if she is going to be that way for the rest of her life” but in the other hand I dint want to think about it because there is no use of thinking about some one who only cares about themself. Also I got a life ahead of me or I think so but it just comes down to waiting and working on yourself. Also i m in no rush because I got all the time I need, just sit back and enjoy the ride and take those who will come along and leave those who will just hold you back. Its easy to forget these things because were all caught up in the world but sometimes we just need to hit that pause button and take a moment and be thankful or acknowledge of what we got. Life is too short to have regrets. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!! Also me and my friend are thinking of adding somthing new to our blog but its still in a working process, but its going to be awesome.


So my English class is like a psychology class but I dont mine. Im more interested about are lessons in the class is pretty interesting and really awesome. And the teacher is really entering and funny, we mostly learn on depth how choices have a positive and a negative in your everyday     life and sometimes you have to take that difficult road to get the good results. Yea its hard and it might almost break you but you got to be strong and you must be live that u can get through it. Most of us dont think about this because its not a normal thing to think about because the most obvious choice is made right there in front of us but sometimes the most simplest choice could be the worst you made. Just like hero’s or people who we look up to have made difficult choices but that is what defines them as people. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!! And go Seahawks woooooooooooo