Why Blog?

I know what you’re thinking why is this person blogging when he could just keep a personal journal?

I’ve taken more of an attraction to blogs because in this modern-age writing everything out on paper and publishing it into a school or local newspaper has to many hoops to jump through, whereas writing via the blog allows for ideas to be heard and shared through a wide audience.

Topics covered?

Topics will range from stuttering in our everyday lives, how we handle challenges in our own ways, and school both the good and the bad.


My intended audience would be students either freshman in college or professionals seeking to further their education. This website/blog is meant to empower everyone, not just those who stutter.

If I’m successful through 2014….

I would hope to establish a community that not only respects the ideas of those who stutter, but inspires a new generation of acceptance of all people. Even if you think your voice isn’t important, just type it out. No matter how big or small your feedback is, you’re helping those of us who sit quietly in school the chance to speak freely in a safe, and respectful environment that’s dedicated to ensuring our voices are heard.

We thank you for your time! Stutter On.


What's on your mind?

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