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Last Adventure Before College

Today my family and I ventured into the great wilderness that is the forest. The trails, lakes, mountains, and trees were all breathtakingly beautiful.

I felt very calm and at peace, and I had no stress on my shoulders at all. When I made idle chit-chat while walking with my dad, it was smooth with the occasional break but I was very relaxed and felt good about myself.

This was exactly how I wanted to spend my last day before going to college!

I’m actually excited about starting school tomorrow, but at the same time I’m nervous about being in new classes and meeting new people.

Alas, I’m going to take on the challenge head-on!


2 thoughts on “Last Adventure Before College

  1. Heyy! What a coincidence, I’m doing the zero to hero challenge too, and i’m starting school today šŸ˜› Don’t be nervous, just have fun and enjoy the day šŸ™‚


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