Killing Lincoln: Book Review


The book was very enjoyable, and presented two sides of the coin instead of one.

Who would enjoy reading it?

I would recommend this to my fellow historians, anyone who has an infatuation with Lincoln, and anyone into the Civil War era of America.

Things to keep in mind…

Booth shows his crazy side, however putting into key events into perspective, he’s just like those who are against his beliefs. All and all good read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


2 thoughts on “Killing Lincoln: Book Review

  1. When I saw the book the first time the small print faded away and I saw


    and got a good chuckle.

    Did you read Team Of Rivals?
    What do you think this book adds to what’s already out there about Lincoln?


    1. Yes I read that one before reading this one, when I get around to team of rivals ill do a review of that one. Personally team of rivals helped reinforce the already known facts, plus a few uncommon ones. What I like about Kiling Lincoln is it went bot only into the mind of Abe, but also into the mind of Booth and how events in his childhood plagued his future aspirations.


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