Knowing The Blog

Honestly i have no idea what i can do to this blog or where the fancy features are, i dont even know how to see if people like this or those who view it but it will take time to learn, or proably a couple years lol. But thats how it is in life, u start out fresh and clueless and then u experince and get old. Wow that sounded like i was emo or i have a deep personality which is weird to me, but stuttering can make u a deep thinker or very personal but who knows,for all i know i am just another guy who likes making people laugh and dreams of being with that special girl, but i could make that a fantasy or a reality,and i think stuttering gives u a piece of mind that u have a choice. Either “you go and make it happen” or “sitback on the side lines and keep dreaming”. Stay tuned for more!!!!!! Stay Fabulous


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