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Got alot of stuff going on and im soooo stressed out, and i think i might cry. HAHA pssh i dont get stressed out and i dont have that much work becsause im simply DJ. Today im wondering if its good for me to start being in a relationship because that means someone else is apart of mt life i have to care about, but im no pimp or player i want a relationship its just hard finding or waiting for that one girl but i will be suprised if i do get in a relatinship,but i think befor all that happens i still need to take care of myself so i can be capable to be in a relationship, im not mean or poor im just a nice guy and it seems that girls like the badboy kind of guys hahaha…i wish those girls goodluck but as always…never stop being ur self no matter how weird or unique u are, someone out their is looking for you…that sounded weird but u know its true. As always stay Fabulous and awesome and stay tuned for some more blogs, byeeeeeeee!!!


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