Another Day Another Nickel

I serously thought it would be cool if u could get paid by living day to day and get a nickel, soooo awesome, anyway back to the topic, but i think my days of being cursed is over but who knows. Let me explain the “curse”, when i like a girl or she likes me and once she gets to know me she starts loseing intrest in me because of my stuttering, but i dont know, i proably have a bad habbit of liking shitty girls or i atrack them. Like a Hobo atracting a skunk hahaha (i dont understand why i make these awful jokes) and i think the “curse” is coming to a end or i will die alone and be lonely for the rest of my life being super deppressed haha dosen’t that sound wonderful …but on a serious level i just need to be very very very patient. Saty tuned for more and as always Stay Fabulous and Saty awesome byeeeeeee


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