Stuttering vs Emotions

I think i found that girl for me but im not sure yet but i feel it in my bones that is saying “she is the one”. My stutttering has calm down and is suprisingly smooth and it feels good. My emotions are going through the roof and this girl is on my mind 24/7, and i know thats not normal for me because i spend so much time alone so i actuallly want to care for someone and to love them. See i told ya my emotions are trying to take me over but it sure is making me more calm and very less stressed so this feels good but i hope this sticks with me for a while. Sorrry for this one being pretty short but on friday or saturday i might have somthing awesome to tell u bros, but as always Stay Fabulous ans Stay awesome byeeeeeeee!!!!


2 thoughts on “Stuttering vs Emotions

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