Science, Girls, and Confidence

Today in chemistry we had a experiment. In which we used a Bunsen burner to heat up some powdered copper.

As soon as we put our safety goggles on and primed our burners, me and my partners flame turned from blue (normal) to green (not normal). The guys that were behind us on their station shouted out, “Go Hawks!”, then resumed their work trying no to crack up.

However, the most intense moment was when I heated the copper powder. The cloth holding the sample began to catch on fire. Thankfully I moved the burner away before anything serious occurred, and continued the experiment.

In the end we got all the necessary data for the lab. Can’t wait to see what our next lab will be! Plus as a added bonus, a lot of girls were talking to me and didn’t seem to mind my stuttering. 🙂 Awesome! Getting my confidence back.


2 thoughts on “Science, Girls, and Confidence

  1. One day at a time, look in your mirror and learn to embrace it. Are you too excited at times cause that can intensify the stuttering, just be cool, you will get your swag on. Learn how to swag it out, it may turn out to be attractive.


    1. Mine isn’t caused by being overly excited, its mostly due to stress and my not so high self-esteem. I’m a dancer (modern and hip-hop) and a musician (violin and piano). Usually my major confidence boaster is in dance or with music. I have days where my swagger is high and I’m the coolest cat in town, with girls fighting over my awesomeness. Whereas, other days I’ll be more reserved and to myself especially in unfamilar settings i.e. (on a bus).


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