Some People Are so Mean

Another day in this beautiful world. So i got yelled at by someone on xbox live and he got heated but it was so funny cause it was a game, but what can u do to people who are too controlling hahahaha. Also i am excited about Katy Perry coming to the Tacoma Dome cause her song “Part of Me” was so good and lifted my confidence higher and made me appreciate my stuttering because it is apart of me, but my point i think im trying to make is: when people call u names or crush ur spirit, dont let that get to u because their is nothing wrong with you, their just mad because they want to be just like you, and its pathetic for people to be mean to someone who is smaller or is known as the little guy. Just keep your head up. As always Stay Fabulous and Stay Awesome and stay tuned for some more blogggss byee


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