Im Single. Now What?

Well I’m single, again. Now comes a tough decision: Do I mingle or not?

Mingle: This in a sense means basically starting from square one. I would get more experience with talking to girls, but would it be all a waste of breath in the end? Choosing this would also be quite a challenge for me. Since I’ve grown older, its become more difficult to hold a conversation with a girl. This seems to be more specific to girls who are attractive to me.

Not Mingle: This has more consequences. If I choose this then it will only lead to a more decreased self-esteem, and missed memories because I let my stutter take over. On the plus side if I wait until I find the right girl, then I wont surround myself with a plethora of duds.

As of right now I don’t feel I’m ready mentally or physically for a serious relationship. Plus with me being in college, I don’t have the luxury or the time to be doing something every weekend with my significant other. Now if we planned out what were going to do that particular weekend then we could see a movie, or grab some coffees and walk on the beach.

As lucrative as it may sound, I just want a girl that’s not a total flake. In all honesty if I’m feeling like this in the month of “love”, then there’s probably more out their like me dealing with the same type of issue.


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