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St. Valentine: Day of Love


Known by many as the patron saint of love. He lived in the Roman Empire, where Christianity was not always accepted with open arms.

However, rumors say he might had a slight stutter. Now this is still being proven by historians, but they’ll continue to research on this mysterious man. Why historians have made this claim now is they’ve discovered a journal from one of Valentines pupils who said, “he would always stop and pause as if god took his breath and ability to speak” (History 3). Valentinus (his name in Roman) was a pastor for the Roman Catholic Church, and primarily married young people in secret.

The emperor at the time was Claudius II. A man obsessed with power, and wanted total control of the church in Rome. This made him be compared to Julius Caesar later on, but there’s speculation whether or not this is true. Claudius believed if his soldiers didn’t marry, then they would fight better than those that were married.

Valentine was arrested in the middle of a wedding between a soldier and a servant girl. He was then brought to the emperor. At first everything was fine, until Valentine tried to convert Claudius to Christianity, and was sentenced to death. The executioners first tried the old-fashioned way: clubs and rocks. After that failed they decided a beheading would be sufficient. Once his head came rolling down the street, bystanders jeered and spat on the head as it passed them. His face was covered with spit and blood once it finally settled.

Now with the history lecture out of the way, down to business. Today is Valentines day. That means all you love birds will be celebrating this joyous day. For us single people this is a day of torture, we see all this happiness around us yet we don’t have someone else to share it with. Frankly it just sucks being single on valentine’s day. Every year we deal with this ridiculous Hallmark holiday, I mean really whats so lovely about this day?

As a side note on the bus today a girl said, “Hi how are you?” and I was utterly dumbfounded. My voice went silent as her eyes seemed to light up like a Christmas tree. Maybe I should keep this beard, it might be magic.


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