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Pure Insanity

Today I nearly had a mental and physical breakdown with the amount of work I did. I just spent 6 HOURS doing a combination of chemistry and math homework.

I won’t be getting those 6 hours of my life back, it was only 6 right?

I can’t think straight its that bad hahaha. Well I was thinking about reading a few chapters of my book, think I’ll pass for tonight. Ugh. My stuttering is ten times as worse, it has to be the stress. I’m now starting to have trouble pronouncing words that usually aren’t hard at all for me. My brain feels like its going to expload.. Excuse me while I go contact the bomb squad.


6 thoughts on “Pure Insanity

    1. Thank you, that post helped me last night when I was studying. Today’s the day before my first final so the stress has come back, but I’m not going to worry myself to death. Rest does help me remember more of the information, so I’ll be sure to rest up for the evening. 🙂


    1. Will do my friend, going to catch some zzz’s. 🙂 Especially for my degree I have to survive about 5 more even harder math courses and 7 more science courses. Horray!! Least I’m getting it done now opposed to taking a break in-between you know?


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