Power of The Mo-Hawke

The title might seem off but having a Mo-Hawke in my opinion is pretty awesome. Yea i get looked at alot and people judge because whenever they see a Mo-Hawke they automatically assume that i am tough and mean. I’m pretty sure i’m not mean and i’m not that tough but iJm nice and I care for others and for some people i might sound like a little girl but honestly i just like chilling and relaxing and traits like these make more exciting to be around cause i’m just another guy from Washington who stutters, but never stop improving ur self and never be cockey because around every corner their is always someone who is faster,smarter,and stronger (Mentally/Physically) than you and never compare ur self to someone cause everyone is unique and speical in their own very way. Hope u enjoyed this and i will be back soon to write an awesome blog about my favorite subjecy………..PEWDIEPIE!!!!! Stay Awesome and Stay Fabulous


10 thoughts on “Power of The Mo-Hawke

  1. People who just judge by appearances are typically not worth the trouble anyway. Just to say a quick thanks for the follow on my wee blog really appreciated (and from one who stuttered when young). If you have any suggestions or requests just drop me a line. enjoy the weekend. MM 🍀


    1. I used to rock a Mohawk in my junior year of high school, but then it got way to long and turned into a fo-hawk instead hahaha xD Going to grow my hair out a bit, and hopefully maintain it. Girls like me when I have long hair, and I’m not sure why… hmmm


  2. A Mohawk πŸ™‚ OK….that is cool. And sometimes we all need something that can make us look all confident and tough, you know…It really helps πŸ˜‰


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