Hows Life Treating you?

Whenever someone ask me that question, I start to think…”Am i suppose to say what they want to hear or say what i honestly feel”… I think that question is stupid because it sounds negative or it gives a vibe that life is dpressing and painful and their is no happiness in the world for u, but it depends on how u look at it. some things in life is hard and it does seem that ur going nowhere in life but guess what? life has its ups and down and u have to be strong enough to prevail and come out of that mess as a better person.

Yea i have my ups and downs with my stuttering but im not going to breakdown because it looks pathetic and i wouldnt consider myself a man if a little thing like that is going to ruined me. So im just telling u bros is to not let the little things or big things change of who u are as a person….its not worth it. Im still thinking about what to write about Pewdiepie but im sure it will be awesome or i will die trying lol, but as always stay awesome bros and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Hows Life Treating you?

      1. I treated it too cautiously for too long 🙂 and took some calculated risks too. Its a balance for me. But I am treating it good 🙂


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