Take a Deep Breath

This past week my homework levels from my classes has increased ten-fold. Maintaining a balance between success in school, and having a social life is hard for everyone. I saw the light today after my English class.

When everyone found out class would end early, they bolted the first chance they got. I stayed back and decided to have a conversation with the professor.

At first my stuttering was pretty bad, and I could feel my fear clenching my throat every time I spoke. The words all of a sudden wouldn’t come out. I tried desperately to use the techniques I learned from speech therapy, but it was to no avail. Rather then becoming overly frustrated with myself I just paused. Took a step back, and breathed. Then when I began again I was much better then before, even though I had blocks on a few words but it went more smoothly. We talked back and forth discussing American history, and my confidence boasted.

During math I answered and asked a question which also helped me feel better about myself. Then the girls around me started talking to me, and when I replied they seemed to be captivated by my eyes. Never knew I had that ability.

In Chemistry, I joked around with the guys as we were mixing solutions in our lab to create an array of colors. The bus ride home was a little different today, as two girls that just got on the bus choose to sit next to me when there were plenty of other seats available. I’m still beaming with pride.


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