So PewDiePie, yeah its a little odd for me to write about this person but let me explain why i see him as a inspiration. PewDiePie makes videos online and gets paid by youtube and he is really funny but before all that he was just a kid in college learning about computers and graphic design and he slowlely got into videos and editing. Now he had a choice, either continue going to school or start making youtube videos and he chose youtube videos. I look up to him cause he followed what he wanted to do and he is very succesfule at it, but its the risk that was at hand and he ignored and pushed away all the negatives and did what he wanted to do. As stutters we get harrased or bullied about r speech but their is numorous people who have achieved sooooo much and they stutter and it also proves that u can do anything u want if u dont mind the hard work and dedication. Moral is very important ti people and self confidence and to those who stutter or people u know who stutter, just remember that ur speech doesnt control weather u want to be a news reporter, actor, spokes man, etc cause each person is unique and special in their own way. Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!


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