Breakfast at IHOP

Breakfast at IHOP
I sit at a table with my family.

We order drinks,

All goes smoothly,

I look through the menu,

I’ve found something I like,

I’ll order that!

The waiter returns,

I go first,

The words fall out like liquid gold,

It felt great!

No substituting or changing words,

I had a smile from ear to ear.



4 thoughts on “Breakfast at IHOP

  1. It is the best feeling ever when you think you are going to stutter on a word and it flies out with no problem! Congrats!


      1. ah-ha…the ol point to your item trick. I did this so many times and still do it from time to time. If I am torn on what to order, sometimes I order on what word I can say better….crazy huh?


        1. I know right! Especially when the stuff is in some other language thats not English I just go, “Uhh that one *point”. Works most of the time actually ah-ha Had any moments at a restaurant where the waiter had no idea what you we’re pointing to? That happened to me at an Irish pub hehehe


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