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Tournaments: A Referees Nightmare

On Friday and Saturday it was the Washington State Cup for soccer. Tournaments always pay more because its more pressure on the referees. Especially since there were over 260 teams who all had games on a three-day span. Glorious.


Both games I was the Linesman (Assistant Referee), but they were both intense. Apart from running back and forth, flagging offside, and the other mundane tasks I do it was a regular day at the office. But everything changed in the 56th minute. I was running up the sideline, and when I turned my head I got blasted by a ball in the face. It wasn’t like a shank kick either it was a full on meat grinder.

The second game was more about procession. Passes were being made all over the field. I looked like I was doing a dance when I was pivoting every few minutes.


Both of these games I was the Center Referee. First game was a piece of cake since it was U-12, but since they were young I had to explain why I called a foul. This made me choose my words carefully.

Second game was crackers. First off the other linesman that had signed up cancelled on us without saying a word, leaving me with just one lineaman. I read off the names of these U-15 girls, where I blocked on a lot of them but I got through it.

The game was challenging as I ran literally all over the field. I called the throw-ins on the other line as best as I could. It was pretty tough. I blew the final whistle, winning team cheered, losing team stomped their feet and stormed off, and I finally had a moment to unwind and relax with no pressure. Filed my match reports when I got home and enjoyed the rest of my weekend.



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