Another Day In Paradise

I think I over did it withe the title but it works. So i came to realization that im not that eager to get in a relationship or start one atleast. The reason why is because i got tired of going after the girl and putting stress on myself and then my stuttering is awfule so i stopped, i stopped trying to flirt or pushing my self cause all that was so much work and on my brain. So i just focus on school and and just enjoy myself and try to have fun just like the quote ” you must love yourself before u can love someone”. i think thats right but on to the topic, when i stopped it feels like girls are looking at me or checking me out and now im thinking “WTF seriously, like this could of been useful a few years back” but i dont kno, some things in life are just unexplainable and you just got to go with the flow but its still confusing. Thanks for reading and as always Stay awesome and Stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


One thought on “Another Day In Paradise

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