The Review of The Day

So if some of you bros notice we got a boost in comments. Well that was by one person and im not mad because i like it when people discuss and have converstions on the are post. The thing that was funny about it was my phone would vibrate constantly when a comment came through and it was suprising but amusing because it was the same person, but that one persone who commented alot is awesome. Another thing that happen is that i am going to the gym now and I am doing well and my stuttering is reducing alot and i feel more calm and healthy. Im not the type of guy who talks about going to the gym and brags about my muscles cause i feel its nothing special, its just another way of taking good care of yourself and im doing this for me, but i dont know how i keep going on and on with the excersices. Its almost like i am a machine… hahaha i could be the new terminator. Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


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