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Sunshine=Positive Mood

The consequence of living in Washington State is there’s hardly any sun. Our weather is bi-polar, sunny one minute pouring down rain the next. But enough idle chat about weather, time for the real conversation.

This new change in weather allows me to become more positive, and open. For example today in my public speaking class, I was a chatter box. Although there were a few words that triped me up, I kept on going. During our “partner talks”, I maintained eye-contact for 75% of the conversation. Today has been a pleasant day both weather and confidence wise. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sunshine=Positive Mood

    1. Lol people are amazed by how articulate I am, and the way I use imagery and stories in my speeches is unique. Thankfully they don’t know this gift of Oratory has been passed down for four generations, which makes me nervous since I stutter.


      1. Public speaking is one of the top fears throughout the world. Not everyone can do it; even if they do come from a long line of people who can.


    2. Even today when we had to draft a introduction to our speech, when the instructor glanced at mine she said, “Now thats an introduction!” Which she read in front of the class. My cheeks were cherries at that point.


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