Movie Time

Movie Time

On Saturday my friend and I went to the movies and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

As we approached the movie cashier she asked us, “What movie are you seeing?” I gathered up the courage to say the movie title and time, then a block stopped me dead in my tracks. I was literally frozen in place, and couldn’t get anything out. My face turned bright red and my anxiety started to go up. After struggling for several minutes I gave up, and had my friend help me out. I felt defeated and demoralized. Yet I still had a desire to redeem myself, I just had to turn my negative experience, into a positive one.

I decided to get some snacks before the movie began.

While standing in line I tried to rehearse exactly what I was going to say, problem was I kept re-wording it. When I reached the front I had a slight stutter. Sensing Déjà-vu, I started to panic trying to find words to fill the gaps. Then as I glanced up at the cashier, their body language was relaxed which made me relax. I took a breath and the words flowed out of my mouth effortlessly. A small victory, but a victory for me. I enjoyed the movie and the rest of my weekend.



6 thoughts on “Movie Time

  1. The more we think of relaxing the more we get wound up isn’t. I had this problem while getting tickets in a bus. Most of the time I used to give the exact change and look at the conductor for him to somehow mind read me and give me the tickets for the place I want to go 🙂

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