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Eye Contact

Talking to a girl can be nerve raking sometimes but when she is wearing booty shorts and a tank taop…well as us guys we notice that really quick and we tend to look. I was really trying to be respectful and just stare at her eyes but it was so hard and also i kind of like her a little so that makes everything worse. I literally thought i would get cused out if i looked at her legs or etc… but i think she was wearing that on purpose to either grab my attention or somthing else…I might be overthinking it but its somthing to consider and to think about. Life is strange just like a skunk: at first its stinky on the outside but in the deep side it just wants a friend to hangout with. Thamks for reading and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Eye Contact

  1. If I may be so bold as to add my 2 cents worth. We all dress to be noticed. But there’s a big difference between noticing and treating someone purely as an object. You seem to know the difference. And as Silent~Dugood said, some booty shorts can lead to a stutter, or the inability to speak at all.

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