My New Favorite Internet Time Waster/Educator

Hello again! Today’s blog won’t have much to do about stuttering, if any mention of it at all really. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite applications on the Internet – Instagram.

I don’t know if any of you use Instagram, but its premise is simple. Upload photos onto Instagram and people can rate and comment on them. When you sign up for an account it will see how many of your contacts from other social media sites are on Instagram and will set you up with a potential fan base from people you already know. And that is a good way to start. Once you get the hang of it, some genius (possibly evil genius) invented something called the “Hashtag” and you can litter your photo with those things and people can search for all photos on Instagram assigned that hashtag. I tag all my posts so people searching for Dubai can see them and also people searching for my old hometown of Edmonton, Alberta can see them. Depending on the photo, I will use other tags as well. And sometimes I make up hashtags because, while they are helpful, they’re also incredibly stupid. I suppose it is like creating tags for our blog posts. Just more ways for people to find what you’re putting out there.

I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve done a lot of traveling; especially since I’ve been in the Middle East. I have thousands of photos stored online that I can access at any given time. With the Internet and access to easier and sometimes cheaper travel, the world might be a smaller place, but it is still way too large to see all of it. I try and show people sights they might not get to see. And I follow people who do the same. Well, right now I follow people who add me as a favorite, but when I go browsing through photos, I add people who don’t necessarily take the best photos, but the ones whose portfolios inspire me the most.

I rarely take photos of my food. I’m not a chef or a baker. If I were, I would do that. I find the camera on my mobile phone gets a workout these days. I’ve actually started to read books about photography and am learning what all the fancy buttons on my nice Canon camera do. And I have learned a few more things since I joined Instagram 9 or so months ago.

• Pictures of cleavage or girls in bikinis are really popular (I don’t have those photos on my feed).
• Selfies are not going to disappear any time soon.
• A picture of either of my cats will get more likes than a “selfie” of me. Not sure how I feel about that.
• I started out with 52 followers (from my contacts) and have 289 now. Most I’ve never met and will never meet. I’m most popular in Scandinavian countries and Spain. South Africans tend to like me too (possibly because I post a lot of photos from my trips to South Africa).
• My bio has a link to my blog, which has generated some traffic and an invite to send some writing to an art dealer in South Africa who wants some words done by a professional! I’ll let her know if I know any!
• People are fascinated by Dubai. And animals. And the fact I did a bungee jump. A really high bungee jump.

So yeah, I love Instagram right now. I’m seeing things I’d probably never see. I’m learning about places I didn’t know were there. At times I have seen photos posted and immediately gone to Google to find out more about a place. My bucket list is growing. And since you have the ability to leave comments, I can ask the person who posted it about it and learn things that way. And since I’m a very visual person, Instagram is the perfect little time filler for me.

So if any of you are on Instagram, look me up and add me as a favorite: gerthepenguin. I always follow if you follow me.


5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Internet Time Waster/Educator

  1. Interesting. The only social platform I am on now is WP where I share my pictures (as my blog name suggests). I keep thinking of registering with Instagram and then for some reason postpone it, and the only reason I have now is that I am lazy. But when I do, I will definitely look you up 🙂


    1. I have a Twitter account too but I rarely tweet. does anyone really want to hear that I’m cooking waffles for breakfast?
      I like Instagram because, even though I’m a writer, I’m visual. I like photos. And if you do sign up, look for me. That would be cool.


      1. Sure will do.
        I also created a Twitter account, but use it just to check tweets of a few interesting followers and very very rarely reply to a tweet.


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