Mama Day

Best title I thought of haha, but mothers day is very special to those moms who work their butt off and the sacrafices they make everyday. Their a idol because of their determination and determination, my mom always had my back and yes we would disagree at some points but she respected my opinion and if i listen to her, she would do the same to me. My stuttering was hard at times but my mama was always their to boost my confidence and push me to be the young man that i am today and due to me not being around my dad for a long long time my life revolved around my mom and that proably explains of why i am such a gentlemen to women and i do stuff for them that regular guys wouldnt do so thats a plus. All im saying is that mothers are very specal but some are not and thats the reality of it but to the ones who go above and byond, we the bloggers apperciate what you and we hope you keep doing it. As always you bros stay Awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Mama Day

    1. Well thats good and its the thought that counts the most and if ur kids say that ur a good mother then ur a good mother and I see that as a epic life time achievement đŸ™‚


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