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Stuttering Awareness Week

This week is National Stuttering Awareness Week. Which is where people who stutter are encouraged to spread awareness, or share their story.

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not to admit that I stutter. But the guilt inside was eating me up way too much so, I hopped on to Facebook and began typing. Once I pressed “post”, I felt a rush of relief. The amount of praise I received completely shocked me! This was the first step in spreading awareness, the next was this blog.

Now I’m determined to continue my mission for global acceptance for all, especially those with disabilities. Because like we have seen, anything is possible.



8 thoughts on “Stuttering Awareness Week

  1. I didn’t even know we had or needed a week! Awesome. But awareness and education is never a bad thing. But neither is chocolate and chicken wings. But not chocolate coated chicken wings. That doesn’t sound right.


      1. All of you are in Seattle? That is awesome. I didn’t realise you were all in the same location. Lots of support built in right there.


  2. It’s definitely amazing what we can accomplish when we finally come out with things we have held in. I was holding in my struggles with my depression and then when I came out with it to my parents, it felt great! I’m going to be blogging about it soon as well.


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