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Something Different in Dubai

Not much to report on the stuttering front I’m afraid. Mostly good days this week. But last night, I did get to do something different.

Talk about a great way to spend an hour. And the Gentoo and King penguins didn’t care that I didn’t say much.

Something Different in Dubai (3)

The Minion hat was a gift from a friend in Saudi Arabia. I thought it fitting I wear it on my venture into the sub-zero temperature of the penguin enclosure.

Something Different in Dubai (2)

All in all, a great way to spend an hour. The coats of the King penguins (with the yellow) felt a little rubbery because of the oil and wax they secrete to keep them waterproof. The coat on the Gentoo was a little softer; even with the oils. There was some hugging going on, I won’t lie. And maybe a kiss on a penguin’s head too.




11 thoughts on “Something Different in Dubai

    1. It was a great experience. So fun and educational as well. And I’m pleased to report, they are well taken care of and live in a clean and healthy environment.


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