Power of Music

Honestly for me, music is awesome but is always a good way to shake things up when it gets all boring. Music is suprisingly a controversial topic but i believe music is for us to unite and it does sound a little courney but thats the juicy part about it, anything you say about music is courney cause its just sound but its how each indivisual hears it. music is a language which it only speaks to us indivisually. Speech genrally is somtimes hard for me but when i hear music my stuter is gone and i grasp my true self and i can speak like a pro and its really fun but thats my experince, some will say im over exaturating but i dont care cause im happy how my brain works and if they call me weird or a freak, i would welcome them to do so cause there telling me that i am diffrent and being diffrent is awesome. Stay true to your self and dont let anyone else tell you diffrent. Thanks for readinf and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


One thought on “Power of Music

  1. Music helps me to forget the struggles that I have with my speech. I’ve always been a big softy for classical music, which helps me when I’m studying for tests. Music relaxes the soul. I’m blessed to have the ability to play both the violin and piano. Music is a big part of my life, because without music life would be bland.



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