Life is Life

Well Im just one step closer of finishing my projects for my college cources and that means that i am one step closer to relaxing. Im starting to go to the gym and yes there are some beatiful women theit but im not going to wast my time starring at them cause if i want a lady then i gotta work on myself and get myself together before i can go on hunting for girls lol. I got alot of stuff to do as the years come and im really young so i think i should worry about upgrading myself. Also I never compare myself to anyone else cause ur just degrading your self as a human being and that is really sad to to see. Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome and Stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Life is Life

  1. Good luck with the courses. And enjoy your summer away from school – whether that be spent in the gym, hanging out, or just doing nothing.


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