Damn you, George!

I had a bit of a stuttering fit on the metro to work this morning. I was talking with a co-worker and another lady who works in the same building but not with us, and I just started tripping over words. Neither of them cared, as expected, but it still struck me as odd as it hasn’t happened for a long while now.

I’m blaming this one on George RR Martin. Neither of them watch Game of Thrones, although they have both heard so much about it. Neither of them will watch the episode that just aired so I was going in to great detail to explain to them what happened (Spoiler Alert – There will be no spoilers here). And I was so pumped by what I watched, my speech grew faster, my arm gestures more elaborate, and the words didn’t want to work as well as my brain was. Classic scenario unfortunately.

Since arriving at work though, the stutter has disappeared again. Mind you, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones, but I am talking about the hockey playoffs, baseball, the upcoming World Cup, and my impending (August) vacation to South Africa!!! All of these topics on their own would be enough to get my brain working faster than my lips. Add them together and I shouldn’t be able to say a word. But I can.

I’m left with a simple conclusion: George RR Martin is bad.




10 thoughts on “Damn you, George!

  1. 🙂 Last week or so when I joined two of my friends for a cup of Tea (during a break in the official hours), for almost 40 minutes I had to endure their discussion on Game of Thrones, all animated and voice going high and low and emotions running high. When suddenly they realized that I was also present, they turned and said ‘We are sorry, but we have to hash this out’ and turned back and resumed. I had more fun watching them discuss rather than the actual topic (which I have no clue about and I don’t think I will ever read that book – too damn big for my convenience)


    1. Books. Several of them. But once you start you can’t stop. Well, I could. Some of the chapters are insanely boring but I suppose needed.

      When people are passionate about things, it is fun watching them talk about it.


      1. Books yeah, another reason I won’t start it any time soon. I get addicted to the extent that I use my sick leave to complete them (has happened in the past).
        I kept wondering if I looked and sounded like them when I was busy discussing Harry Potter with my other friends.


      2. Game of Thrones… I remember the books well, caught myself staying up till the wee hours of the morning to finish it. But, I had to wait a lil to get the next one since the book store closed that week. Something about going on the bank holiday… when there were lights on in the apartments above. Maybe recreating a scene from the show, I don’t know…

        – James


        1. I watched the first season before I got the books. And I’m visual so I like watching the series. But I do love the books too.


            1. I think he’s run out of steam though. The poor guy might not be able to finish the series if he doesn’t pick up the pace.


                1. He’s not exactly a pillar of the gym lifestyle, now is he? But I hope he at least gets one more book done. The last one kind of bored me as it was mostly my least favourite characters.


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