Two more days of boring finals. Im prepared but imbjust tired of waiting and I also have to hear about peoples relationships and its mostly the guys who are complaining and whining about their girlfriend. Im thinking “wow u guys complain more than a women” lol. But I dont hate I appreciate and I give them my wisdom words but im really telling them to figure it out themself. So my finals is going to be a interesting day. I just need a pack of skittles and the power of the rainbow shall help me. Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!! This post was a little weak but i promise I write something more interesting or you can leave a comment on what I should post about. See ya bros


4 thoughts on “Finals

      1. What??? I don’t know women who do that. We sit down and talk it out ,at least that is what me and my friends do , that too over a cup of coffee.And I have heard men whine and add a little alcoholic effect to it and they can just lose track of time totally.


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