Things I’ve Learned from having a Stutter

I will always be able to pronounce the word impediment when telling people I have a speech impediment.

Orange is the new black!

When visiting foreign countries, I’ve found that people are less likely to be interested or concerned that I stutter.

Just as you shouldn’t trust a skinny chef, should you trust a bald hairdresser???

If it’s really important, it will take me a few minutes to say it.

My mum is better than your mum and my dad can beat your dad up!

Breathing helps, just like in those birthing classes.

Pictures of my cats get more likes on Facebook and Instagram than pictures of me do. People are trying to tell me something I think.

I have never once stuttered when uttering a profanity.

The world really makes me sad at times.

Writing a character stuttering on paper looks really weird to me.

My favorite word in the whole world is passion.

There you have it. Just a few things I’ve learned from having a stutter. Some I may have learned without the stutter. Some might just be me being me.




12 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned from having a Stutter

  1. I just got through a book where the main character had a stutter, and the author made the character have a personality change every time he stuttered. I don’t know about you but I don’t change personalities when I stutter. However I’ll occasionally let my accent slip 🙂
    – James


    1. That’s kind of cool that the personality changes. Imagine every time you stuttered you became someone else … Interesting.


  2. ” have never once stuttered when uttering a profanity.” – Heard this from a few people who I know stutter. Is it because those words are too easy without any tongue twist involved?

    Breathing helps in ?

    I think I read a book or two where the character’s stuttered and I was able to easily visualize it. But am not sure if people who do not stutter, will be able to get that.

    People like your cat’s photos more, because they may be trying to not hurt its feelings. They know you wouldn’t mind being less ‘liked’. Can’t be sure of your cat though!


    1. It might be because they are easy to say. It might also be that they don’t require much thought build-up so there’s no time to overthink things. Lol.

      Breathing helps in getting the stutter under control. Slow things down, breath, continue.

      Whenever I try and write a character and show him stuttering it just looks weird to me. And then I imagine if that is what I would look like on the page and that is weird to me too!

      Or because my cats are damn adorable and I don’t look good in photos I know are being taken – like the dreaded selfie. Lol.


      1. I would have to try saying those profane words aloud. I say them in my mind most of the times but never vocalize it.

        We definitely do look weird when we stutter. I did once try to practice a speech in the mirror and stopped after seeing myself stuttering in that. But it is what it is.

        If the less liked photos are selfie’s then they might have a point 😉


        1. If people don’t find you handsome they better find you funny. Thankfully I’m funny. Or I need to get less photogenic cats.

          I say profane words out loud all the time; but I’m a cretin and never at anyone specific.


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