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Chat over Coffee

Tonight we had our stuttering meeting. We mostly talked about what we’ve been up to and how our stuttering has increased or decreased compared to when we last met. Our meeting took place at the coffee Mecca known as Starbucks.

My friend Clonejill and I arrived at Starbucks a little early so we passed the time by talking about the latest video games, how our blog has improved in such a short time span, and of course girls. After about 20 minutes of idle chitchat, our group leader Kate comes in. We went to the barista and I ordered an ice caramel latté, with only a slight stutter. That coffee was great! Of course since it was later in the evening I got a decaf, because I didn’t want to be buzzing all night. After we maneuvered some chairs around so we all faced each other, we began by talking about how our first year of college was.

We all had an enjoyable conversation. DJ cracked a few jokes, which made everyone including me nearly spew coffee out our nose. A pleasant evening filled with laughter, friendship, and stuttering without a care in the world. 🙂

– James


8 thoughts on “Chat over Coffee

  1. I didn’t know an ice caramel latte came with a slight stutter and you could get it without one? I’m so funny.
    Sounds like a good meeting. I never had anything like that growing up or at any time in my life. Seems like I’m missing out.


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