A Very Odd World Cup

I’ve been watching the World Cup a lot since it started almost 2 weeks ago now. For the most part, I watch it from the comfort of my own couch, an endless supply of junk food and kitten snuggles to get me through the games. I have a Belgian friend who lives in my building and he has stopped by (bringing Belgian beer with him) to watch each of the first two games Belgium has played. He’ll be over on Thursday night as well to watch the third one. I used to work with both he and his wife in Saudi Arabia so I’ve known him a long time. We’re very much alike in many ways and got really well from the first time we met.

How I usually watch World Cup games

I did wander out last Friday night to a local bar to watch a couple of games. Well, technically I was there for a friend’s birthday, but since she was being pampered by her co-workers, it was easier to just watch the games.

It has been an interesting World Cup. I don’t know if any of you are fans of football, sorry, soccer, but I’ve been playing it for nearly 40 years now. I’ve worked as a referee, I’ve coached as well. I received an athletic scholarship in college when I played on the college team. And I watch as many games as I can from various leagues around the world. I’ve been to three World Cups as well – Mexico 86, Italy 90, and USA 94. They were all wonderful, special in their own way, but this one has been downright odd.

And just when it couldn’t get any odder, along comes Uruguay vs Italy to raise the bar. Luis Suarez, one of the best players in the world, decided he needed to bite an Italian defender on the shoulder. Then when the Italian jerked his arm back in shock, Suarez decided he should crumple to the ground holding his face trying to be the victim. Sadly I wasn’t too shocked by this, as this is the third time Suarez has bitten an opponent!! Yes, three times!

What the Hell possesses a grown man to bite another grown man? Aren’t we told at, like age 4, that we shouldn’t bite people? I’m hyper-competitive when it comes to sports, and I’ve played against guys I have seriously hated, but never once have I thought of biting them. I played against one guy for 5 years, and he would kick me up and down the field, twice tried to break my leg (as a player you know when someone is deliberately trying to injure you), used to spit on me, punch me, pull my hair, etc. And even then, I never thought of biting him.

Nothing to do with stuttering today, but it still left me struggling to spit out words. Crazy huh?




21 thoughts on “A Very Odd World Cup

  1. This has been a very strange World Cup with odd calls, circus acts (flopping), and an episode of hungry hungry hippo errr I mean Suarez. They’re calling it the South America Cup here in the states. Hehehe

    – James


    1. Colombia has been the team that has impressed me the most. And sadly, I think Suarez will get away with minimal punishment. I have no faith in Fifa. They’ll find the evidence inconclusive and that will be that.


            1. I watched the game. Bit of a slow one really. But having seen the US play their other games, I did think they were the second best team in the group.


        1. I knew it would happen too. And Uruguay are appealing and have threatened not to play the round of 16 game. Let them boycott the game. I don’t care.
          And we haven’t heard the last of this Suarez incident.


  2. Biting is such an odd response from a fully grown man! I could almost (almost) understand lashing out with a fist or foot out of frustration or whatever (I played county level hockey and netball as a teenager, so can see how it happens) but biting? There must be something else going on in his head that I just don’t understand.

    Love the idea of watching the game with junk food and kitten snuggles – that thought has made me smile!


    1. Hi PorterGirl. Thank you for stopping by this blog and leaving a comment.
      As mentioned in the blog, I have played for nearly 40 years, and I am very competitive when playing. But never once has the idea of biting an opponent entered my mind. All of my friends who have played, some semi-pro where it is really nasty, have said the same thing.
      Glad I can make you smile. If you were in Dubai you could borrow them. They don’t just like sports.


        1. I know. As far as I’m concerned, it should be a massive ban. Biting and spitting is just so wrong there are no real words for it.
          You want me to snuggle my cats for you? They’ll have to know your name first. lol. They’re curious like that. lol.


  3. Seriously, I was so shocked to see that in the news just a few minutes ago during my lunch break. I couldn’t hear clearly but as soon as I saw the marks, I was like ‘did he really bite him?’ Wow… That was some super crazy stuff. I always thought football/soccer ‘fans’ were a tad over passionate than us cricket fans. But this !!!


    1. It is oftened said that “Soccer is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans!” There is passion, sometimes too much passion in the game.
      Cricket fans don’t usually say too much unless it is England vs Australia. And who would have anything bad to say about the Little Master??


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