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My First WordCamp

The event was very good and I learned some helpful tips that were good too. The speakers are very educated on WordPress and the technology behind it. Although me and my freind were the only youngest people their (18), it was still awesome knowing that we are apart of this community at a early age. Compared to other blog sites we were pretty small but that means we have a close and awesome followers and viewers who like what we do and that incourges us to write more and connect with people.i know I will be blogging about some things about stuttering which might be on a lot of peoples mind or situations where stuttering is a critical point. We also about some business plans but I think were not going to grasp around that concept for a while because were still new and we dont are main focus to be about money, proably make some T-shirts for fun but that proably it. Woodall taught us some useful skills we can use, so u guys might be suprised what we might come up with. As always stay awesome and truly stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!


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