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Word Camp: Seattle 2014


This past weekend my friend Clonejill and I went to the 5th annual Seattle Word Camp at University of Washington’s HUB (Husky Union Building).


Once we arrived at the HUB, we had to get our name tags. This seemed pretty easy, until I found out there were two Richmond’s. Well here goes nothing I thought. I block on the J sound, but instead of becoming frustrated I start over, and it came out more smoothly. Woo hoo! As we wandered around, we decided to try to mingle with some people. We approached a booth called WP Engine and the guy asked,”What brings you guys to WordCamp?” I reply, “Well, our blog is on WordPress and our mission is to educate the community about people who stutter and show them that despite a speech impediment our voices are still valuable to be heard”. He replied enthusiastically, “Wow! You know that’s what I like to see, groups trying to make a difference, instead of the majority of people here only looking at it from the business and financial aspect”.

As we sat down in preparation to hear the keynote speaker, I saw my friend Geoffrey who was also there attending his first WordCamp. The conference began with the history of WordPress which was fascinating to learn how it started, and where they’ve had their up’s and downs. As we listened to the other presenters, I started getting the vibe that the conference was more centered around business, marketing, and money. However, as the conference continued they seemed to switch there focus from business into more about advice, tips, tricks, and helping out blogs that have recently started. The best part about the conference was the “What Vladimir Putin Can Teach Us About Responding To Trolling” the memes they used were priceless, they made me nearly laugh out loud actually. The only downside was the fact that the after party was only for the adults, and since neither of us are 21 we couldn’t go. This was an enjoyable experience, and I can’t wait for the next WordCamp.

Oh here’s Putin:


– James


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