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The Beach

The wind blows against your skin

The warm sun feels calm and serene

The sound of children playing and dogs barking

The freedom you have without technology

The beach is warm even when it appears cold

The crowds die down as the day lingers on

The surf turns more and more as the tide lastly approaches

The water licks your ankles hoping you stay still

The calm hypnotizes you

The surf looks playful

The last thing you remember is this

The beach

– James


9 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. The beaches in Dubai are a cacophony of mayhem. Kids playing, voyeurs lurking, police not far away to stop any kinds of public displays of affection. Great times.

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          1. Oh is it.. I thought that happens only in Transformers , I mean the exploding 🙂
            No internet service can be a boon sometimes. Helps you relax (or not!!)


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