Freedom can be interrupted in many ways…some are good and some are bad. Freedom is somthing we fight for and isn’t just given because your all goody goody. How does stuttering relate to this topic? Well look at the great people who had stuttering, their freedom was limited by there speech or because they didn’t talk “normal”.Freedom comes with someone having a open mind because ur not the only one who is dealing with this problem but it could be a team, friends, or family. Being together is the key of moving forward and to make a diffrence. Believe it or not, thats how stuttering or speech impemdement become popular because it was the hard working people who made this such a awareness to others around the world, and they made it easy for us today. Basically freedom is very broad but it matters on ones opinion of how they see it.

Also im going to start a 12 step of stuttering guid or life lessons for those who get stuck in those situations where u dont have no idea of what ur going to do.I have been through a lot of dramatic and very emotional situations with my stuttering so u guys can trust me with these stuttering guides, but as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!


One thought on “FREEDOM

  1. Wow what a great post Clonejill!!! Yes that sounds like a splendid idea! I’m almost home from my 4th of July vacation. I’ll blog about how it was when I get home and have my tea. If luck goes my way I’ll have a big story to talk about later today/early tomorrow 🙂

    – James


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