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Fireworks, Motor-Canoe Racing, and a Trapped RV

In case you thought I vanished off the face of the earth from Wednesday July 2nd to today July 7th, I was actually spending the Fourth of July (Independence Day) at Copalis Beach, Washington. Yes there will be lots to discuss.

Fourth of July Extravaganza:

Before we ventured onto the beaches of modern-day Normandy, my dad and I went to the Quinault Indian Reservation to see how they spent the fourth. I was shocked by how poor the Native American community is, but everyone was enjoying themselves while watching the youngsters flying around on motorized-canoes. They had a paddle inside so it’s still a normal canoe..sort of. The speed these kids went was impressive, considering the lake was very small.

Canoe Racing

When we reached the beach by our RV resort, it  looked like WWI, I got some really awesome shots of the fireworks above me though!

Trapped RV:

Last night my family and I were driving on the beach enjoying the scenery, when we notice a RV in the ocean. Maybe the driver thought it was a giant submarine… Jokes aside people were jumping out of their cars to either take pictures of these rare moment, while those in trucks banded together to help save the sinking RV. After about eight tries, several stuck trucks, and many broken cables the RV finally gave a giant heave to shore. Here’s the  videos I took:

After a jubilant celebration we proceeded to have some yummy pizza. The stuttering front over the vacation was mostly subdued and manageable. There were a few moments where I had to slow down my speech, but nothing that made me frustrated or embarrassed.

– James


5 thoughts on “Fireworks, Motor-Canoe Racing, and a Trapped RV

  1. I’m glad some people decided to help the RV people out and not just take pictures.
    Here in Dubai, it was a regular weekend. Yours sounds awesome though.
    And spill the beans already.

    Liked by 1 person

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