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I made the news!

In my last post I took a video of a trapped RV in the ocean. Little did I know when I posted it to a local news’ Facebook page, it would explode in popularity. Yesterday I got a call from a news anchor, asking me to tell her more about the story.

Personally I hate phone conversations especially when I have to go in-depth, because that’s when I stutter. Now I was very nervous and my nerves got the better of me, and my epic tale I had in my head sounded less exciting. As I was talking to her she didn’t mind when I blocked. After she got her information she needed she asked if I had any more videos to share, I did so I told her I’ll send them via email. This turned into a pain.

Technical Difficulties

I spent a good hour and a half cutting, trimming, and moving videos so they could fit into the email. This proved to be quite difficult since I’m not really computer illiterate. I understand the software and how it’s supposed to work, I just need to do better on understanding the process instead of “click click BOOM”. So with the assistance of my tech savvy parents, we finally zipped off the email of a nicely trimmed video of pure awesomeness. Then I had to wait for the news to show it.

The wait is over!

I saw my video sliding across the news sidebar, and there it was playing with the recognition of my name. I punched the air in resounding triumph. Then it was on the 11 o’clock news, which is where the big news stories are aired. I thought my rise to stardom would fade overnight, but it only grew stronger as the conversation continued about my video.

Still surprised I beat everyone else who was recording the RV rescue. Lucky me. I just got a message on my YouTube channel, a local radio show named KAYO asked if they could use my video in their blog post.

– James


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