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Anger Managment

Recently I have said some words that I think no one would consider as nice words. When I play any kind of game or in a conversation I tend to get a little of a attitude in my brain. Holding in anger isn’t good and trestle I have experience cause I have held in an amount of anger that would drive a normal person crazy. All that anger hold up inside makes you think and 40 percent of your ideas make sense but the rest are kind of far fetched. Especially with people who have gone through of humiliation cause the way they are or the way how they speak, which makes me sick cause I had to go through all that humiliation through most of my childhood and trust me, I know the secret to relieve all that pain. Its forgiveness, just forgiving those who wronged because there is no poi t wasting ur life thinking about somthing that happen in the past or recently because forgiving is showing that ur the bigger person but its not easy cause ur stepping out of ur comfort zone, but its worth it. Anger is natural but it dosent mean that it has to control your life. Your in control of your mind and body and your decisions can be be negative or postive but it starts with you making that first move. I didn’t think intend to be very deep but hoped you guys liked it and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Anger Managment

  1. It’s amazing how tough kids are on people who stutter. I got quite a bit of teasing as a kid, for it. As you get older, it’s hard to let it go because it never seems to end.Letting go is one of the best thing we can do for our soul, though πŸ™‚

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    1. Very true Ipok, I just recently met a girl and we talked for the first time last night. When I glanced at my phone to check the time, we’ve been talking for over 2 hours. Even though I’ve only known her for a short time, she’s the first girl that actually lets me finish my scentences and doesn’t cut me off mid stream. I have two soccer matches to referee today and she wants to hang out on Sunday, plus her younger brother is on one of the teams I’m center refereeing today. I’m slowly letting go the tight noose that stuttering has around my neck, but it’s an on going process.


      1. That sounds exciting. It is hard to find people that will let you finish your sentences. I’ve been, almost completely, free of my stuttering since high school. I still have a really hard time with sentences that start with hard syllables.

        For example: I can never say, “Beware Romulans bearing gifts.”

        There are so many times I want to say this, especially when bringing my favorite nerd friends presents, but it always turns into a stuttering disaster.

        Even I’m still working on being free from the tight noose.

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        1. Ya she’s a bit of a nerd and a syfy nut like me and naturally shy, which made it easier for me and her to really hit it off so to speak. There were times where I felt joked up a bit because I’ve never felt that comfortable with a girl.

          On a side note thank you again for the Liebster Award, I have some upcoming appointments that will cause me to be inactive for two weeks starting Wednesday. After I’m back I’ll finish the nominations or I can have my friends help me out.


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