Feeling Left Out

Due to all the social networks and people boasting about things they done or have done, their somthing in ur brain that memes you feel ur life isnt that exotic or awesome. This is a natural feeling but this can put some damage on your life if u dont control it. Some ways are to appreciate what they have to say but never compare to ur own life because they are not you, another is speaking up and tell them to stop boasting about what they done cause it has been annoying you or you simply dont care. By doing this you might loose friends or gain friends but its simply your instinct telling you to “SPEAK UP!!!!”. Facebook is a all time source to always make u feel missed out, but if you ever find yourself scrolling of what ur freinds or someone else is doing…ask your self this ” would i rather read about other peoples life or get off this site and start living my life”. Like stuttering, I do feel missed out when people talk all fluently but I just remind myself that i can be doing so much more with out comparing my speech to someone else cause I believe each pesron is unique and special in their own way. Thanks for reading and as always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Feeling Left Out

  1. You’re a young guy. Much younger than at least. You will find that people will be doing this your whole life. The easiest thing to do is just ignore it and concentrate on you. Trust me. You know I had a bad stutter that still surfaces. I can relate. You’ve just got to drown out what goes on around you as best you can. Great post.

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