Having free-will is a powerful privileged to have but comes with a lot of responsibilities. Be live it or not there are some people who dont have this and they think they can’t have it cause the way they are or were the y were born from. The truth is that everyone has free-will but its up you to use it. Specially for people who have speech impemdement or a disability u still have the option to do whatever you want to do. The world has a lot of negativity and there are some mean people out there but u never let people change you cause your telling yourself u can’t think for yourself and u can’t live your own life. Take advantage of your own life and dont become a shadow of someone else cause the pursuit of happiness is you being your self and can’t tell u diffrent. Dont be a downer but keep ur head up life has a way of turning things out for you. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Free-will

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