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 As most of you know it’s not really hard to ask or go on a date. For people who are shy this is more of a do or die scenario. Just asking a girl for their number is an uphill battle for me. At one of my soccer games I met a beautiful woman, who started talking with me after my game. She gave me her name, number, and asked me to talk with her after I was done refereeing my games. We started texting back and forth, then came the phone call.

 Our first conversation on the phone was to my surprise easy-going, even when I took pauses to drum up more questions I didn’t feel rushed. What was also comforting was that she was shy like me, which made our moments of silence less awkward (or as awkward as they can be). She asked if I could go on a date with her, I replied yes that would be wonderful I’ll work it in my schedule. We managed it, and went on our first date. The day after she confessed on our nightly phone chats which started to become our “thing”, that she really enjoyed it and that it was in her words, “the best first date ever!” I was flattered and unbeknownst to her, blushing.

 As our conversations both on the phone and via text grew longer, I started noticing she was dropping subtle hints that she liked me. I in turn sent a few subtle hints her way, because of course I liked her. This trend continued for several days until we texted for an astounding five hours (my all-time record) talking about a variety of things and random questions, plus a two and a half-hour phone call where I started getting those darn butterflies in my stomach. She started to become more nervous and she seemed to be blushing a lot, after our vain attempts of beating around the bush we were out of options. We had to tell each other and we did.

– James


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