Brain or Heart


As you go through life you kind of get a feeling from ur heart but ur mind might have diffrent opinion. Some questioned which one is right or is most important to listen. The truth is that its truly up to you, like when i see a attractive lady.My mind tells me to just leave her alone but might heart says to talk to her to make her feel good or atleast say hi. The heart is a faith taking feeling while the mind is based on facts and judgment. I say trust ur instincts and ur instincts come from ur heart so listen to it. You never know, it might be urging you to do somthing that might be out of your confront zone and u should do it cause u only live once and it might lead to awesome opportunity. The world is full of mysteries and r heart is a mystery which we will never understand cause its so random. Most would disagree but there thinking with there head but not with the heart. As always stay awsome and stay FABULOUS!!!! Be true to yourself.


4 thoughts on “Brain or Heart

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