The Best Days

The awesome and most amazing days are a head of you. That is actually true. Having a bad day is proably a 90 percent chance of u having a awesome day later and yes its far fetched or hard to believe, but the most successful or happiness people on earth had to go through some real rough days that proably made them go crazy. Having hope is a priority and I believe if u have that postive thought than u must have a lot of patience cause the things that u want dont fall from the sky or you randomly get right now but are things u have to wait for and it might take years or weeks but it will br worth it. I learned to be patient cause I was a quiet kid when I was growing and I knew if u have the patience then u will get what u wanted. Ofcource u have to work for it but thats the fun part about it. Specially if ur on a social network and see someone do somthing awesome, never try to hurry to do what there doing cause ur doing it to compare yourself to someone else and not for yourself. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS. Keep a smile on you cause no one likes a grumpy old troll.


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