Too Much Stuff

I recently stop talking to this girl because she just has to much drama or causes drama. I love helping people and its because im too nice as others has told me but deep down I dont like trying to help someone who dosent even take ur advice or ask u for advice but do the the same thing that got him in the situation. Its really exhausting to help others there is a limit that makes u want to back off and focus on ur own life. Time does heal and sooner or later they will be coming back to you if they really care about you but its up to you to know if they changed or if there the same and if ur going to be getting yourself self in the same situation. Its not wrong if u ignore them, but they wont see that so the decision is up to you. Telling the truth is never easy. Stay awesome and as always stay FABULOUS!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff

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