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Family Vacation

Family vacation

For the past two weeks my family and I went on a quest to Mt. Rushmore. We visited Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We saw things that most people dream about seeing. I found myself writing my experiences in my notebook I brought on the trip. I thought being in a RV for hours at a time would send me insane, but it allowed me to see states I’ve only read about in books or seen on TV. Yes I’ll admit there were times where I could barely get two words out, whereas other times it wasn’t as bad.

A talented poet

On our last day at Mt. Rushmore we went on a chuck wagon dinner show (traditional old western dinner on dutch ovens) it was their I met this really amazing poet. I was surprised to find out he is a pws (person who stutters). He was very good at reciting poems and always made the audience laugh. With our last night slowly winding down, I felt so blessed for being able to see both Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. My gratitude would continue though. As we were making our way home my parents surprised us by going to the Little Bighorn battlefield. Standing on top of the legendary hill, made the history buff in me stagger back in sheer awe.

I could write several posts about my adventures, but I want YOU to make your own special memories. The trip in itself was  definitely the best trip ever. The things you experience while driving in a RV, last a lifetime.

– James


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