Having Patience

When it comes to someone with a speech impemdement,all you know is trying to pronounce your words smooth but not fast. Patience is a old tool taught for thousands of years ago but do we actually have patience anymore? I couldn’t say the the answer for that because I dont assume things without evidence and I would say we still have patience in the world today. Speech impenements is a known thing and some people take there time saying words and yes it is a struggle at occasions but if we want to say it then we will. Not everybody has patience but u do get a feeling around them when they talk to you or how they act toward you. My stuttering isnt happening that much but that was years and practice of making myself calm and relax. Its hard at times and it can be somthing u have never done but its pretty useful, espically if u have a hot head of a personality.Its a mental training for your brain haha. Its never easy to be patient but as the old saying goes “you ask and u shall receive” and that has worked many times before but only if u deserve it. As always stay awesome and stay FABULOUS!!!!! Im thinking of making a blog post about being Fabulous but who knows, life is full of mysteries and odd things which makes us want to learn more and be more curious.


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